Bringing the Text to Life

The World's Fittest Human Mark 12:28-34

The World's Fittest Human

Training in godliness involves the 4-step fitness program outlined in the Shema: Heart, Mind, Soul, Strength.

Last spring, there was only one "athlete" on everybody's minds and every sportscaster's lips. In 1997, Tiger Woods became the youngest player ever to win the Master's golf tournament -- and he did so by setting a record low score. The most prestigious tourney, a record-setting score -- not a bad start for a 21-year-old's first full year on the pro golf circuit.

Golfers on the pro tour are sighing and saying they see the future of golf -- and it's all Tiger Woods. One golfer wondered how long (not if, but just how long) it would take Tiger to win professional golf's four-tournament "Grand Slam."

Other athletes struggle to make an analogy of Woods' phenomenal win with a comparable event in their own sport. One baseball player likened Woods' accomplishment to a kid going from high school directly into the majors and then hitting home runs in his first 10 games. Sportscasters clamor to outdo one another with their glowing analyses of Woods' win. One national broadcaster gushed, "It's...

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