Bringing the Text to Life

Unum Humanum John 17:20-26

Oned in Christ is the work of the Spirit in this wonder-ful time and this one-derful world.

In the last few years, through the technology of instantaneous satellite transfer, television has brought some of the most remarkable images from around the world directly into our living rooms. We have wept over Tiananmen Square, rejoiced over the dismantled Berlin Wall, bitten our fingernails and prayed during the unfolding of the Gulf War and sat open-mouthed at the systematic dismemberment of the Soviet Union. As a world we have participated in these events together, our national identities submerged in the unifying excitement of seeing it all unfold before our eyes.

It seems that something beyond nationalism is slowly taking root in the world. Ever so gradually we are developing a sense of common destiny. The media, which allows us to all have the same experience at the same time, covers world affairs with the assumption that we are all connected. In the language of bumper-sticker philosophy, we are beginning to see that we must "think globally and act locally."

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