Bringing the Text to Life

TGIM Genesis 1:1-2:4a


What is keeping you on Monday mornings from shouting "Thank God it's Monday!"?

[If you have a sanctuary sound system, introduce the sermon with a few seconds of a "work" song, such as the theme to the NBC sitcom, Working: "Well, I've been workin' in a coal mine ..."]

Let's begin with a workplace quiz:

Question: Who are the "working wounded"?

Answer: "Just about anyone who works," says Bob Rosner, a Seattle-area syndicated columnist and speaker. "Whether you're an entrepreneur, an employee or a boss, chances are you've been verbally abused, physically drained, or emotionally maimed."

Question: How do you get any privacy in a cubicle?

Answer: "So many workers today are jammed into a sardine existence that you must be creative to protect your space. One woman told me her 'cubby' was next to a guy who had loud, hour-long conversations - in baby talk - with his wife. When a cubicle she was in line for opened up next to her boss, she 'selflessly' gave it up to her baby-talking neighbor. Not only did she solve her own problem, she also made sure her boss got a...

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