Bringing the Text to Life

Holy Spirit Holes Acts 2:1-21

Where are your Holy Spirit holes that open you to the Divine?

The Bible has been a book for 500 years -- ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press. How did people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before the Bible was a book? Your ancestors who were living in the medieval period -- how did they come to be Christians?

We mistakenly nickname the "Middle Ages" the "Dark Ages" -- those centuries after the old Roman Empire fell but before Europe established itself as the new center for intellectual curiosity and cultural richness. In general, we think of this period as a time of cold weather, bad food and nonexistent plumbing. But there was one bright spot in the darkness, where medieval men and women from miles around could gather for comfort, care and a measure of compassion and discipleship training in the Christian life -- the local cathedral.

How ironic that these so-called "Dark Ages" are known for their stained-glass windows. In fact, our medieval forebears had a Bible, but it wasn't a book. It was the cathedral itself. Here ...

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