Bringing the Text to Life

Giving Away the Store Acts 2:1-21

Giving Away the Store

At Pentecost, God decides to give the church the whole store! Like companies that are giving their employees the business, God fills the apostles with the Holy Spirit - a piece of divine equity that empowers them with the courage and the spiritual gifts to change the world!

"My greatest revelation as a businessman was crystallized in two words," writes Bill Gross in the Harvard Business Review. Just two words: "Let go."

Not: "Buy low." Not: "Sell high." Not: "Hold tight." Not: "Cut losses." Just: "Let go."

This revelation blasted to bits everything he had come to believe as a businessman. When the California company he founded, Knowledge Adventure, gave birth to a new company called Worlds, Incorporated, Gross wanted to hold tight to this hot new property, and benefit from the potentially sizable revenue stream it promised. He battled with his colleagues over the size of their equity stake: He wanted to hold on to 80 percent, and felt defeated when they decided to keep only 19.9 percent of the new company's equity.

But what happened astonished Bill Gross and everyone around him. Within a year, Worlds grew almost as large as Knowledge Adventure. Its employees seemed to rise to entirely new heights of creativity and passion - putting in Herculean...

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