Bringing the Text to Life

Godspeed! Acts 16:9-15


Too many people navigate through life
with no wind in their sails.

How you prepare for a trip reveals a lot about your personal character and your life circumstances. Cautious travelers contact AAA and get stacks of detailed "trip-tiks" to guide them. Online travel services now give such travelers details as minute as how far the distance is between certain gas stations, enabling them to choose a restaurant for their lunch stop before they've even stepped out of the house. Circumspect travelers also make sure they have picked up their dry cleaning, cleaned out the fridge, checked the car's oil before starting out.

Spontaneous, travel-as-adventure types like to hop in the car and head out of town before they even begin thinking about what route they might take. They buy toothpaste and new socks along the way. They stop at those blue-signed turnoffs that meander out of sight promising a "scenic route." Seat-of-the-pants travelers don't worry about what may be around the next corner because they like corners, they enjoy not knowing what lies ahead.

Of ...

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