Bringing the Text to Life

Revitalizing the Lo-cal Church Acts 1:15-17, 21-26

Prayer is "the soul''s blood" (seventeenth century poet George Herbert). What would it mean for the church to be a "house of prayer," even to become "The Lord''s Prayer?" What would it mean for believers to move from "faith in praying" to "praying in faith?"

What do you do when you get anxious and troubled? Do you run to your room and cry it out? Do you run at the mouth and yell it out? Do you run to the neighbors and spill it out? Do you run to the therapist and lay it out? Jesus ran to the Lord and prayed it out.

The headline for an article in a recent national publication contained the phrase "local church," hyphenated to fit on two lines. The resulting headline read "THE LO-CAL CHURCH." The difference between a local church that is alive and an anemic lo-cal church is The Power Called Prayer. On this "Mother's Day," or "Festival of the Christian Home" in some churches, it is fitting that we reflect together on The Power Called Prayer. The importance of staying Prayed Up is something we all first learned at our mothers' and fathers' knees.

John Wesley learned from his mother Susannah not to have a good opinion of anyone who did not spend at least four hours a day in prayer. "God does nothing save in answer to prayer," Wesley wrote....

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