Bringing the Text to Life

Written in Red 1 John 5:9-13

The church offers the world God's loveblood; God's love for the world is "written in red."

Editor's note: The topic of this installment fits well with the assigned Lectionary reading for this day. However, you may find the installment for June 1, "Everyone's a Fundamentalist About Something," preferable if you are observing Mother's Day.

Remember what it used to be like watching Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor and others before dinnertime? This nightly ritual kept many busy parents "current" with current events. But for young children and teenagers, the ritual practice of turning on "the news" was about as interesting as watching paint dry. White-haired talking heads droning on boringly, endlessly, about who knows what.

Have you noticed how, in the past decade, television news has changed?

To keep us tuned in, TV newscasters have wedded, even welded themselves to a new journalistic adage: "If it bleeds, it leads." Even more, TV newscasts have focused wide-angle, telephoto, slow-motion, instant-replay cameras on the violence that mars and scars our lives. "Watching...

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