Bringing the Text to Life

Faith Is the Victory Acts 10:44-48

Through the grace of God we have been promised the incredible possibility of a real, live relationship with the divine. Our appropriate response to this relationship is one of faith. This week''s texts help us to acknowledge that our faith is a response which is utterly dependent upon God''s faithfulness for its birth and growth.

The word "faith" is one of the most widely used words in the NT. It is found in the First Testament through the verbal root aman, or as we would translate the word, "Amen." This word "faith" or "amen" originally expressed for the Hebrew people the idea of carrying, bearing, or supporting, such as a doorpost bearing pillars (2 Kings 18:16). Yahweh is called the "God of Amen." God is the solid base, the rock, the support, the "Amen," upon which life must be raised. When the Hebrews talked about faith, they talked about "solidity," about a basic bedrock upon which to build life. The Bible says we are to live by faith. We read this in Romans, we read this in Habbakuk, we read this in Galatians, Ephesians, Hebrews, and John's Gospel.

A biblical definition of the word "faith" must be dynamic, that is, it is more accurate to think of faith as an active term ("being faithful") than in a passive tense ("having faith")- more a distinct way of acting than a thing or state of mind. Faith is more ...

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