Bringing the Text to Life

The Celebrity Christ Matthew 21:1-11

The Celebrity Christ

We live in a world where you can be famous for being famous. For a few brief moments, even Jesus was the object of adoring fans. He refused to be swayed by their demands of him - with predictable results.

If you are driving in the Los Angeles area, you might see her as a ubiquitous billboard model who drapes her body over a pink Corvette, or waves to drivers from a pink Cadillac.

Her name is Angelyne. Years ago, she hired an agent to make her famous, and so he plastered her picture on billboards throughout the city.

But she does not advertise cognac or cigarettes.

She is not selling pink Caddys or 'Vettes.

As far as we know she doesn't type.

The only thing she advertises is herself. And now you can purchase her latest video over the Internet.

We live in a world where you can be famous for being famous. Once, not so long ago, one was considered famous only after making a life-changing discovery (Jonas Salk), or after orbiting the earth three times (John Glenn), or after displaying extraordinary talent (Van Cliburn), or after achieving some other great, historic endeavor.

Today you can be a celebrity if you merely spend time with other celebrities (Shoshanna Lonstein), or if...

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