Bringing the Text to Life

Thank You, Magic Dragon Isaiah 50:4-9a

Christ came not to reign, but to serve. Following Christ''s example, we are all called to be servants for others, servants to the world.

How does servanthood translate into a way of living? How can we continue to embody the spirit that made Jesus a servant for others before he claimed his lordship over all?

In 1983 the UPI released a poignant story of a young leukemia patient and the special friendship that he enjoyed during the course of his illness. P.J. Dragan was only five years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Soon thereafter the boy began to receive a series of cheery notes and cards, little gifts and goodies to brighten his spirits. Each was adorned with a large green bow. These presents all came from an anonymous friend who signed each card simply: "Magic Dragon." One of P.J.'s favorite gifts was a large green plush toy dragon, who quickly became the embodiment of the gift-giver and P.J.'s constant companion.

As P.J. grew sicker, "Magic Dragon's" attentions never waned; notes of encouragement and support arrived continuously. The treasured toy dragon accompanied P.J. to the hospital, sympathetically...

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