Bringing the Text to Life

The Greatest Story on Earth 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

The Greatest Story on Earth

What do our children need more than anything?
What does our world need more than anything?
Good stories. Especially the greatest story on Earth.

What do you think it would have been like to have been alive during the "Renaissance"? Beginning in the 1400s, the arts and sciences suddenly shook off the malaise that had gripped them during the dreary centuries of the so-called "Dark Ages" and European culture came alive with new ideas, colors, visions and concepts. Creativity blossomed everywhere. An extravagance of giftedness blessed multitudes of artists and craftsmen and thinkers.

You already know what it's like to live through a Renaissance, for about 10 years ago we entered a new period of renaissance -- one that has transformed our everyday lives in untold ways. In fact, we are now entering a period of artistic and intellectual exploration and discovery similar to the Renaissance in Europe in the 14th-17th centuries.

We are on a daily basis witnessing tremendous advances in space, medicine, manufacturing and technology. We have a greater ability to shape the future than ever before. There is an extension of the human life ...

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