Bringing the Text to Life

The 4 Rules of Soul Skiing Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18

To live in covenant with God is to live counter-intuitively, not rationally or logically or predictably.

Bringing the Text to Life

If there is any sport filled with more contrariness than skiing, I don't know what it is.

First, you spend hours driving up treacherously icy, slick, snowy mountain roads to "get away from it all" -- only to join thousands of others involved in the same great quest.

Then, instead of standing in line for a movie at the cineplex, you are standing in line at the chair lift.

Finally, after driving up the mountain, then being chair-lifted up to the top of your chosen trail, you finally reach your goal -- getting down the mountain as fast as you possibly can.

While trail groomers smooth out the slopes and everyone prays for the softest, fluffiest powder, you nevertheless spend half your time heading for the artificially constructed moguls -- those glorified speed bumps you are not supposed to hit too fast.

Finally, there is the whole issue of this being an outside winter sport. In order properly to enjoy the bracing chill of the frosty air and freezing...

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