Bringing the Text to Life

Unexpected Evangelists John 4:5-42

Unexpected Evangelists

Christians are volunteering for evangelizing missionary activity in record numbers. The target of the missionary interest? Surprise! It's not "them" over there; it's us!

Some of the bloodiest battles in the world have been caused by cultural conflict. The evening news is full of vignettes of violence, featuring warring groups in Israel, Bosnia and Rwanda. Today, cultural conflict is a danger for Christians in America, as our cities, neighborhoods and congregations are changed by the arrival of immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Are you aware of the trend?

Has it hit your town yet?

Take a look around: There are now large numbers of Ghanaians in Chicago, Mexicans in Los Angeles, Koreans in Washington, D.C., and Cambodians in Lowell, Massachusetts. Many of these newcomers are Christians - often more openly passionate about the faith than are native-born Americans - and they bring to the United States new worship styles and beliefs. Some immigrant Christians are joining established churches here, while others are forming new congregations: There are currently an estimated 7,000 Latino congregations in the...

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