Bringing the Text to Life

Hot Buttons John 2:13-22

We need to get angry, but over things that matter.

We've all got our "pet peeves" -- that "thing" that raises our ire and blood pressure every time. How about people who buzz by you in the fast lane on the freeway, then move over in front of you and immediately slow way down? (This usually happens right after you've finally got the cruise control set at just the right speed -- you know, faster than the speed limit, but not so much faster that you feel any serious risk of a ticket.)

Or how about that really dander-raising breach of freeway etiquette -- when you and 9,000 other cars have dutifully merged into the stopped traffic in the only through lane as you approach a big construction project -- only to watch helplessly as some bozo zips past all the standing traffic by staying in the other lane until reaching the front of the line? Am I the only one tempted for just a moment to pull right into that cheater's path?

As annoying as these and a hundred other little incidents like them may be, they really don't even register as blips...

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