Bringing the Text to Life

Walk On Luke 9:51-62

Walk On

WholeLife Discipleship is an investment in walking.

What kind of investments have you been making this year? Whether it's the stock market or the supermarket, commodities or the cookie jar, we all make investment decisions every day of our lives.

Some investments pan out better than others -- usually based on the amount of research we pour into the investment decision in the first place. Our 6-year-old, Thane, was new to the allowance concept this year. He had been saving his money for several weeks, laboriously deciding what he would most want to do with his newfound riches. Suddenly, in the middle of an aisle in "Ray's Pharmacy," it came to him; he simply "had" to have one of the new "gigga-pets" that the toy section had just stocked. The fish-pet, he declared, was what he desired with all his heart. Never mind that it required saving yet another week's allowance in order to get it. Never mind that he already had a dinosaur gigga-pet that had died so many times on account of his 6-year-old neglect that not even Jurassic Park would...

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