Bringing the Text to Life

Titanic Possessions Luke 8:26-39

Titanic Possessions

How do we get through life without being entombed by
Titanic possessions?

When Christopher Columbus first stepped out onto the pristine beaches of what is known today as The Bahama Islands, he greeted the native people there with words that would shape the force and direction of European expansion into all the Americas for the next 400 years.

Extending his clenched hand to the curious crowd gathered about, he asked (in Portuguese of course), "You got any of this?" Columbus then opened his fingers to reveal a small variety of gold coins and trinkets. With all the beauty and wonder of a new world standing right in front of him, Columbus was completely possessed at that moment by a single thought: "Show me the gold!"

There is an old saying. It was probably originated by some older, bigger child snatching away a bone-and-stick toy from a younger sibling. The saying claims, "Possession is 9/10 of the law." If that is true, then it is equally true that the scramble to gain that possession takes up 9/10 of our lives. We are possessed by our quest for...

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