Bringing the Text to Life

Let's Just Be Friends Matthew 10:24-39

Let's Just Be Friends

He was barely 16 years old and stuck on this girl. Then he read four words that he hated more than any other four words in the English language.

Her name was Nancy, and it was about this time of year. He was barely 16 years old, and doing a lot of heavy breathing just thinking about this girl he was crazy about. He had a driver's license now, and would drive by her house after school, hoping her beautifulness would be outside - available for worship, even if only for a few moments. If she were, he'd pull over and say "Hi," and nonchalantly pretend that he just happened to be in the neighborhood. Like, he just happened to be passing by for the 10th time that day all the way on the other side of town on a neighborhood street that led absolutely nowhere.

Justin finally discovered his moral backbone, and resolved to ask her out. He'd been out on dates with girls before, but this was something new because he now had a driver's license! They wouldn't be riding their bikes nor would they be driven by parents or riding around with some older friends. This was a whole new phase of life where you got to say cool things like "What...

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