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Spiritual RealAge John 3:1-17

Spiritual RealAge

You know how old you are. Now, with a new program, it is not too hard to calculate your biological age. But how does one measure one's spiritual age?

Someone has said that there are four stages of life: Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and then "Gee you look good!"

People in this latter category may be the victims of the one ism that is so easy to ignore: ageism. It's not hard to detect the behaviors of racism and sexism, but ageism is a subtle bigotry with serious side effects.

Most of us would deny we're guilty of ageism. We do not discriminate in the work place against the old, and we're quite willing to help a gray-haired lady across the street - even if she doesn't need any help, thank you very much.

There you go. We're ageists. But there is good news. A new study suggests that real age is not the same as chronological age.

Men, if you suck down more than 10 servings of tomato paste per week, you may be younger than you think you are.

Women, if you have been battered by a divorce, you may be older than you think you are.

If we brush and floss faithfully, we may be as much as 6.4 years younger than we think we are!

How can...

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