Bringing the Text to Life

Poplars, Oaks and Yews Mark 4:26-34

"Knock on wood." But which wood? It depends on what your spiritual state is.

We've all had some of "those" days.

You wake up with an inexplicable crick in your neck. After ten minutes in front of the mirror, you resign yourself to the fact that it's a "bad hair day."

Sure enough, coffee leaps at your shirt during the first morning meeting you attend. The computer eats your homework. Your boss/teacher/parent decides today is the day to talk to you about your future -- specifically whether you have one or not. It's the kind of day that makes us all want to run home, lock ourselves in our room and watch old movies while eating an entire package of Oreo cookies dunked in milk.

If we were to compare ourselves to any tree on days like these, it would have to be a willow -- all bent over as though weighted down by the burdens of life.

We can't be "pillars of strength" or "cedars of Lebanon" every day. There are times when being strong and unswayed is not only impossible, but is inappropriate -- even dangerous to our well- being. Grief counselors working with...

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