Bringing the Text to Life

Where Wisdom Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31

Where Wisdom

Wisdom is not a state of being, or a destination at which one finally arrives; rather, it is bread for the journey --
a companion for one's pilgrim walk.

[Note: This sermon is a particularly good one for those who have strong storytelling skills. Consider stepping out from behind the pulpit and moving about on the platform or in and among the congregation as you "search" for wisdom.]

There's a wonderful children's story about Alberic the Wise (Norton Juster, Alberic the Wise [Picture Book Studio, 1992]). Alberic (let's called him Albert) was a young man who knew nothing of the world other than the little village in which he lived. One day a stranger came to town, an old man with a large sack on his back. Out of curiosity Albert began a conversation with this traveler who told Albert tales of faraway places full of mystery and wonder. For several days after his encounter with this old man, Albert could think only of the larger world which lay outside his village. Eventually, the allure of the unknown proved greater than the comfort of the familiar, so he packed his belongings and set out for these faraway places in search of the wisdom ...

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