Bringing the Text to Life

Sleep Loose 2 Corinthians 13:11-13

Relax and trust God's Spirit.

It used to be that when we took a family member or visitor to the airport, there was plenty of time for formal, cordial good-byes. Saying good-bye was an art. You had to work up to a high point, a final message, a last hug, at just the right time. Too soon and you would have to endure those last minutes knowing everything had already been said. Too late and you would end up shouting crucial messages at someone's back down the jetway. Timing was everything.

Curbside check-in has changed everything. Now there is rarely time to get the traveler and his or her luggage out of the car before other vehicles are honking at you for blocking traffic. You can't craft a meaningful, heartfelt farewell while trying to get a garment bag out of your trunk, handing tickets to a skycap, and worrying about that next car in line pinning you to the bumper. Our "good-byes" have become something we simply shout out from across the driver's side of the car, over the roar of traffic and the smell of exhaust.

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