Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus, Elvis and Coca-Cola John 6:24-35

God being who God is, life can only go successfully in one way -- God''s way of Jesus the Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.

A new mystery novel by Texas author/musician Kinky Friedman is built around and named for what are allegedly three most widely used proper names in the English language: Jesus, Elvis and Coca-Cola (Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola [New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993]). Has ever a trinity of names sounded so bizarre? Yet these three names reveal the three all-powerful hungers driving people today. Elvis represents the pursuit of happiness as offered by an ever-expanding entertainment culture. Coca-Cola offers us the opportunity to purchase happiness in the midst of a consumer culture. Jesus offers us the third and true way of achieving eternal life and wholeness. Only Jesus is the purveyor of happiness, the real center of a truly dynamic life.

First: Elvis and an entertainment culture's pursuit of happiness. Elvis Aaron Presley is known as Rock and Roll's First King. Officially the greatest recording artist who ever lived, Elvis has sold over a billion records, more than anyone in the...

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