Bringing the Text to Life

Sex and the City 2 Samuel 11:1-15

Sex and the City

Bathsheba was a fetching woman, and sex was the reason she was fetched.

It's racy. It's titillating. It's, frankly, more than we wanted to know. It's Sex and the City - the wildly popular HBO creation chronicling the sexual misadventures of fictional newspaper columnist Carrie Bradshaw - played by Sarah Jessica Parker - and her pals. Carrie hangs out with a troika of attractive but lonely, thirtysomething women looking for satisfaction, women who explore their sexuality in the fast lane of a highly phallocentric New York City.

Although Sex and the City won this year's Golden Globe Award for best musical or comedy television series, traditional pew sitters would probably find it neither musical nor comedic. Some would say, "It's dirty. It's sinful."

Carrie and her friends wrestle with such earthy issues as spontaneous intimacy with their doormen, their realtors and their personal trainers, as well as their zany but chic escapades in the world of breakups, boy toys and Viagra. This is not a show for the family.

Between dates with a colorful array of "wrong ...

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