Bringing the Text to Life

Healing Aerobics 2 Kings 5:1-15ab

There's healing for you today.

Getting sick is so easy. Consider the dreaded winter "flu season," when all you have to do is encounter one school-age child or shake hands with someone in order to suddenly be the new home base for some exotically named virus that has dismally familiar symptoms.

Summertime colds are similarly transmitted, but are much sneakier - they prefer to wait until you are on your long-anticipated fun'n'sun vacation to remind you that sinusitis flourishes in tropical as well as in temperate zones. In fact, getting sick IS so easy that most of us tend to forget how hard getting well can be.

When some noxious germ fells us, we may allow it a day or two of ascendancy over our lives, but we are soon out determinedly spreading the illness to friends and coworkers as we struggle to ignore its continued presence and get our busy lives back on track. In healing, as in the rest of our lives, we want to take control, settle our own accounts and set our own agenda and timetables.

But healing is a...

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