Bringing the Text to Life

The Best Things in Life Are... Romans 7:15-25a

The important things in life-faith, family, fun-can easily be jeopardized.

The baby boom "me-generation" has recently started yet another of its famous culture-altering trends. While the 60s might have been characterized by "me-want" self-expression, the 70s by "me-want" self-absorption, the 80s by "me-want" everything - the nineties are beginning to see a lot of boomers crying "me-want" out!

This me-want out! attitude is illustrated by the increasing number of well-heeled, well-respected professionals suddenly "cashing out." Coveted positions on the corporate ladder are abandoned, prestigious homes in affluent suburbia are vacated, and Armani suits are replaced by Levi's "Dockers." Having demanded the "best of everything" in the conspicuous consumption 80s, these midlife baby boomers have discovered that having everything isn't "everything." Everything isn't necessarily "the best" they can do.

Dismayed, disillusioned and discontented, those cashing out know something is wrong with their lives but are not always sure what. Those cashing out their assets...

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