Bringing the Text to Life

Give me a C... 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

The church needs some new cheers. If we're going to boast about anything, let's boast about Christ. The boasts will sound like foolishness to the world. The Beatitudes are an example of "foolish" sounding cheers.

Have you ever been swept up in a wave? No, not an ocean wave at the beach, but the kind of "wave" that sweeps through a football stadium, or the baseball stands or a hockey rink. It's an exhilarating crowd experience to see the wave created by thousands of people standing with their arms raised and then quickly sitting back down to simulate one big ripple effect. The rather unique thing about "The Wave" phenomenon is that it is one of the unifying non-combative forms of cheering that can go on at sporting events. It takes everyone's cooperation to get a wave going and keep it moving through the crowd.

The act of cheering is usually far less benign. Sometimes cheers simply celebrate the greatness of a school, team or player. (Note: Use the name of some young athlete in your church here if you can.)

Boomer Quackenbush,
He's our man!
If he can't do it,
Nobody can.

Two bits, four bits,
Six bits, a dollar.
All for Boomer,
Stand up and holler.
Gimme a B.
Gimme an O.
Gimme another O.
Gimme an...

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