Bringing the Text to Life

Grab a Piece of the P.I.E.! Luke 4:14-21

Grab a Piece of the P.I.E.!

The church is being called to a P.I.E. ministry: outreach which is Participative, Interactive and Experiential

One high-end Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C., made headlines: "Man Thrown Out for Ordering Risotto." A patron who loved risotto saw it on the menu as an entree, but asked for a small portion as an appetizer. The waiter went back to check with the chef, who owned the establishment. He returned shortly. "I'm sorry, we do not serve risotto as an appetizer."

"Fine, I'll pay the whole entree price, but please bring it first as my appetizer."

"I'm afraid you don't understand, sir. We do not serve risotto as an appetizer."

"This is crazy! I just want risotto!"

The chef came out of the kitchen. "Risotto is not meant to be an appetizer," he said coldly. "It must be a main course. And you, sir, must leave my restaurant."

The incredulous patron refused to budge. The police were called in, and the unfortunate fellow was escorted from the premises for ordering risotto as an appetizer. (As told in Roger Dow & Susan Cook, Turned On [New York: HarperBusiness, 1996], 104-5.)

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