Bringing the Text to Life

Take a Hike! Mark 1:14-20

Biblical faith issues in a "movement" spirituality, not an establishment religion. Hit the road, church!

Every religion has its holy places. Where is the habitat of holy places for the Christian? It is not where we think it is: It is not primarily the church. It is out-of-doors.

Where do the deepest religious experiences of life take place? Not in church. Out-of-doors. It is high time for the church to discover what lies outside its doors -- out in the world of natural creation and the world of human culture.

When the Bible enjoins us to "enlarge the site of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out" (Isaiah 54:2), it is not stretching the Scriptures too far to apply this advice to one's work for the outside world. We read in Mark 2:4 that when the door was blocked, some believers took the roof right off to get one person to Jesus.

It is time to raise the roof, bang down the door or whatever it takes to get the church out-of-doors -- to get the church into the world, to get the church out into creation. As the writers of Proverbs put it: "Wisdom shouts in...

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