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Stick To Your Knitting 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Stick To Your Knitting

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Know any yarn-spinners?

When someone is especially gifted at telling stories, when someone is particularly able to entice others into the warp and woof of the tale, we declare, "Boy, he [or she] can sure spin a yarn."

"Spinning a yarn" is drawing out the single, strong, unbroken thread of a story from out of all the words that could be chosen and tying them together in a way that creates a coherent whole. "Spinning a yarn" isn't just retelling an event to others. "Spinning a yarn" takes an event and makes it a part of each listener's life by drawing them in and winding itself around their own experiences, becoming an indistinguishable part of their past, present and future.

In fact textus in Latin means a "weave." So "text" describes the weaving of language, whether spoken or written, into patterned compositions significant to particular communities.
Whether spinning yarns or spinning wool, spinning is a copycat practice human beings have imitated from nature's most expert...

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