Bringing the Text to Life

What Are You Looking For? John 1:29-42

In a world where spirituality has become a consumer item, we must confess Jesus as Lord.

Why are you sitting here in church this morning?

What possibly possessed you to climb out of your warm bed on a dim, cold and quiet Sunday morning and come to church ... again?!

Christmas is over, remember? The tree is down, the ornaments put away, even the pine needles have pretty much worked themselves out of the carpet by now. There is no big liturgical holiday scheduled for this Sunday. And yet there you sit. I see you.

Why? What are you looking for?

We are a destination-obsessed culture. When was the last time you slid behind the wheel of your car without the least idea of where you were going to go? The old tradition of taking a "Sunday drive" has gone by the wayside. We are busy people with crammed, jam-packed schedules. Just look at our business cards: name, address, work phone number, home phone number, car phone number, beeper number, fax number, e-mail address, web site, etc.

Instead of meandering about, we have helicopter traffic watchers that report to us how to...

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