Bringing the Text to Life

Homestyle Godliness Acts 10:34-43

Homestyle Godliness

No one will argue with the idea that evangelism is the mission of the church. But have we forgotten that even evangelism should first start at home?

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

That's right. Say it one more time. They're called SSRIs, and they're a class of drugs like Prozac, and they're being prescribed increasingly for children.

Mary Crowley writes, "A decade after depressed adults started listening to Prozac, a generation of children is tuning in .... According to the research firm IMS America, children age 6 to 18 received 735,000 SSRI prescriptions in 1996 - an increase of 80 percent in just two years. Looking at those numbers, some experts worry that we've embarked on a large and dangerous experiment. Others applaud the trend as our best hope of saving children from lives of despair" ("Do Kids Need Prozac?" Newsweek, October 20, 1997).

One 7-year-old describes his life when an unexpected depression settled on him. "I lost interest in everything. I just sat in my room and thought about how horrible life was."

These are not thoughts kids should be having at 7 years of age! Does the gospel have anything to say ...

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