Bringing the Text to Life

Fiat Vitae: Let There Be...Life John 1:1-9, 10-18

The purpose of existence is not simply "to live," but to "have life."

Back in the days when muscle-power rather than microchips kept the world big and strong, speed and endurance meant more than physical convenience. They were necessities for survival. The strongest and the quickest were able to get the most food, escape from their enemies and prosper in a harsh environment. Physical ability meant a chance at establishing a thriving life. Physical weakness almost guaranteed a stunted, eke-out existence.

Today muscles play a much different role in our postmodern techno-culture. The successful and powerful corporate executive may use only fingertip muscles - to type on a computer keyboard, punch the buttons of a fax/phone and operate elevator controls. Yet it is increasingly likely that this office-bound person spends at least an hour or two each week in an upscale, trendy fitness center, climbing stairs, running, swimming or "pumping iron." The muscles sculpted by these modern machines on these usually sedentary bodies are not really for any purpose -...

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