Bringing the Text to Life

Necessary NO's Matthew 4:1-11

Necessary NO's

Jesus' ministry was characterized not only by great expectations but great refusals.

During every stage of our lives, our actions and attitudes are curtailed by a certain number of what might be called "necessary no's." If you have any toddlers around the house, you know how these "no's" seem to whirl around the ears like confetti at a New Year's Eve party.

-"No" you can't run into the street for your ball.

-"No" you can't reach for that beautifully steaming pot on the stove.

-"No" you can't have Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for breakfast.

-"No" you can't have a slightly squashed earthworm for lunch.

As we grow older, the "no's" get a little less pervasive but no less persuasive. What is more, they still succeed in cramping our style.

-"No," we tell our 8-year-old, you are not old enough to ride your bike into town by yourself.

-"No," we reveal to our 13-year-old, you cannot stay out at the mall until it closes and then ride the bus home.

-"No," we preach desperately to our 16-year-old, you may not get involved in drugs or alcohol or be sexually active. ...

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