Bringing the Text to Life

And Again I Say...Amen! Luke 6:27-38

What are the marks of an Amen discipleship? How would a Yes spirit manifest itself? The second of a two-part sermon. (For part 1, go to February 12, 1995, based on Psalm 1, Say Amen, Somebody.)

When your car starts making bad noises _ banging, or whining, or knocking _ you take it in to get its carburetor, or timing, or fan belt adjusted. When some people feel achy or out-of-sorts, they get a chiropractic "adjustment." There are many Christians out there this morning who are also making whiny noises or creaking and cracking and causing pain to others around them.

When Jesus urged those listening to his lengthy sermon at that "level place" to do good, bless and pray for their enemies, he wasn't advocating some "kill them with kindness" tactic. Jesus was not suggesting that loving your enemies was a type of insidious torture for them. The love Jesus was advocating was to be genuine. Let me suggest three ways we can both love our enemies and do it genuinely.

1. Be a Take-It-on-the-Chin Christian

We all can learn from criticism. In The Godfather II, Michael Corleone preaches the following principle: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer yet." Powerful information is...

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