Bringing the Text to Life

The One and Only Original Sin 1 Peter 3:18-22

Sin, original or not, may be a case of bad genes. But at the cross, Jesus has restructured the spiritual DNA.

You're a first-generation genetic researcher. How many times have you searched in frustration as certain traits or characteristics you were sure you had eliminated from the "gene pool" kept obstinately reappearing? You've worked on fruit flies for years, those quick little breeders that inhabit everyone's kitchen all summer long. Fruit flies can produce many generations in just a few days and have highly visible traits that can be selectively bred. But no matter how many times you throw everything away and start over with a new initial breeding pair, characteristics you were certain you had removed crop back up again, muddying the gene pool.

You're not a geneticist? How about a knitter? Every now and again a skein of yarn comes along that is improperly spun. A twist in just one strand can cause tension in the yarn, a tension that pulls it off-center ever so slightly. Start knitting with such a strand and you find your project itself starting to twist this way and that. You find...

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