Bringing the Text to Life

NOTHING Happens Exodus 24:12-18


Much of life entails waiting and being faithful even when nothing seems to be happening.

Runners of all distances know that the key to success, the key to improving times, improving form, improving strength, is endurance. To build endurance, dedicated runners scrunch into their sneakers and sweats — early on a weekend morning; in the middle of a blazing hot summer afternoon; during sleety, miserable winter nights. Admiration for this kind of a determined exercise regime is what led to the runaway popularity of the Nike ad campaign, "Just Do It!"

The truth is that all of us are subjected to grueling tests of endurance every day, every week, every year of our lives. These endurance races we are locked into aren't usually measured in kilometers or shoe leather. Instead these tests of stamina sneak up on us.

Let me get concrete: Over the course of your lifetime you will spend at least five years waiting in lines and two years just trying to get in touch with people by telephone. You can also look forward to spending eight months opening nothing but junk mail and six...

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