Bringing the Text to Life

Mirror, Mirror on tlhe Wall Mark 1:29-39

We all have "talking mirrors, " which reflect distorted images. Jesus can heal those who are damaged by these distortions.

No one can argue that Snow White's stepmother, the evil queen, didn't have a healthy ego. Day after day she boldly, confidently stepped before her magic mirror to ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" (Or, in a more modern version, "Mirror, mirror on the shelf, who's more beautiful than oneself?") And every morning that mirror concurred with the fair but foul queen that the image reflected upon it was in fact the most beautiful in the kingdom.

Then one fateful morning the queen got the shock of her life. Instead of answering her question with the usual "You are, my queen," the mirror replied, "Snow White." The wicked queen's own image had not changed -- but the mirror's reflected perception of her had. That truthful, if tactless, mirror found someone more beautiful to reflect, and so it now called the queen "second best."

Very few of us ever feel like rushing to the mirror first thing in the morning. There is something about a night's rest that instead...

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