Bringing the Text to Life

Dream Reality Matthew 2:13-23

In a world that dreams nightmares, let''s begin the new year with some God-powered, God-sized daydreams.

In Native American culture there is a talisman called a "dream catcher." Actually, they've recently become quite popular as pieces of jewelry and folk art. A dream catcher looks like a simplistic version of a spider's web, adorned with a few decorative feathers and beads. According to legend, parents are to hang a dream catcher over their newborn's cradle - the "web" then catches only the child's good dreams, while letting the bad dreams escape through the spaces of the web's strands.

It is a beautiful symbol. Yet for our world today, it has somehow always seemed backwards. Wouldn't it be better if the dream catcher snagged only the bad dreams (some accounts actually present it this way), those of hate, despair, envy and vengeance, and kept these destructive dreams from free-floating around in our atmosphere?

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, we have belatedly realized that by allowing bad dreams to proliferate at will, we have added to an old form of air pollution....

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