Bringing the Text to Life

Billboards From God Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11

Billboards From God

"Just what part of the Ten Commandments don't you understand?" --God

Advertising works!

Advertising sells shoes, tacos, diapers, cereal, cars, toothpaste, sodas, God, books, beer, cell phones and much more.

God? Advertising sells God?

Exactly. Picture this: A dark red poster covered with a black-inked image of a stern-faced, visionary and revolutionary Jesus, his forehead ringed with thorns. It's an image of Jesus recast, transformed, reformed and portrayed as "the Latin American revolutionary leader Che Guevara created in order to challenge the image of Jesus as a 'guy in a white nightie with a halo.' The caption across the bottom of the poster reads, "MEEK. MILD. AS IF. Discover the real Jesus. Church. April 4'" (The Church Advertising Network, England, printed in Harper's Magazine, March 1999, 21).

If we are to take the words of Isaiah seriously--"The spirit of the Lord is upon me ... because he has sent me to bring good news"--then surely changing times demand a changing approach. Many innovative Christian leaders are jacking up flat-tire...

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