Bringing the Text to Life

God Is Faithful 1 Corinthians 1:3-9

God is most attentive when God seems most absent.

Canadian geese are the bane of every golf course manager's existence. The vast expanse of rolling green grass, clipped to just the right height for goose grazing, marvelously accessible water hazards and fine "roughs" for nesting combine to invite sometimes thousands of the winged squatters onto previously pristine golf courses all over the country.

The problem, of course, is that everywhere the geese go, well, the geese go. Ever notice how much golfing attire is white? Thanks to the goose invasion, on some courses, shoes, shorts, shirts, not to mention the golf balls themselves, end up striped and streaked with goosey-green goo. But Canadian geese do have other, more admirable qualities. Not only are they devoted parents, Canadian geese mate for life. Their faithfulness is astonishing. Consider this true story:

Recently a pair chose a rather unfortunate nesting spot located close to a road. A few days after laying her eggs, the female wandered into the path of a car. Luckily for...

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