Bringing the Text to Life

What Gift Do You Have For Us? Romans 12:1-8

God's gifts are not unchanging "possessions" that are ours forever. They are constantly being renewed and transformed.

All parents whose work takes them out on the road inevitably fall victim to the dreaded, genetically linked "traveling parent disease." This rarely discussed disease kicks in just as you finally enter the airport to begin your flight back home. Suddenly, visions of your small offspring, sadly moping around the house, rise to your consciousness, and you are obsessed with the unshakable need to buy these little loved ones an "I'm back now" gift. Though seldom talked about, the widespread nature of this malady is evident by the large number of airport gift shops whose entire inventory is devoted to these poor, gift-searching parents. Why else would our airports be filled with exorbitantly expensive stuffed animals, designer felt-tip marker sets, thousands of tiny-sized T-shirts and replicas of every Disney creature ever imagined. You will also note that all these shops are doing quite well.

The unfortunate side effect of this gift-giving syndrome is not just the huge dent it makes in...

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