Bringing the Text to Life

The Choosing God Matthew 16:13-20

God is a choosing God and calls us to be a choosing people.

Everybody has known an Oscar Moberg.

In the fourth grade Oscar was the class know-it-all. Oscar always did extra credit math problems, read more than assigned and talked like an encyclopedia. He had a funny haircut, an odd name and a smugly precocious manner.

Once we all thought we had him. Oscar was writing his report on the blackboard about some artist and made reference to all the man's "works." The class sniggered, then vigorously heckled him, convinced that Oscar had finally blown it. All us "normal" 9-year-olds had never heard the word "works" used like that, so we all knew we were right and he was wrong. Imagine how our glee turned to dismay when the teacher not only proclaimed Oscar to be right but praised his creativity and scolded our ignorance. Needless to say, this whole incident did little to endear strange little Oscar to the rest of the fourth grade.

Now consider how the other disciples might have felt towards the overlyexuberant Peter. By popping the right answer...

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