Bringing the Text to Life

Life Is Difficult, but... Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16

Life Is Difficult, but...

God has a way of doing the best of things in the worst of circumstances.

Two New York entrepreneurs decided to see if some money might be made by introducing bungee-jumping to Mexico. They fronted some venture capital to build a platform, where people who like "extreme sports" could dive off and spring up and down as they do in the states.

When it came time for the trial run, the two entrepreneurs climbed up the platform and looked down on the gathering crowd. They knew what they had to "do," but decided to shoot fingers to see who got to "do it."

The entrepreneur who "won" (or "lost," depending on how you look at it) put on the harness and dove off. When he came up the first time, his partner noticed that his nose was bloody. When he came up the second time, it was obvious that one eye was turning black. When he came up a third time, part of his ear was missing.

He yelled out, "Are you okay?" On his way down a fourth time, his partner yelled back, "What's a piñata?"

"Life is difficult." Anyone know where this phrase came from? There are certain books ...

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