Bringing the Text to Life

Treasure Hunters Luke 12:13-21

We are called to lay up treasures in heaven, not possessions on earth.

Not too long ago, small was "in." The trendy catch phrase touted "small is beautiful." Advocates of a conscientious style of eating called for a "diet for a small planet." We read bumper stickers that urged us to "think globally" but to "act locally."

There is now a new housing trend that flies in the face of all attempts to cultivate the validity of those "small" notions. As we face a shrinking economy, dwindling natural resources, smaller and more widely scattered families and a tremendous increase in the number of people in their "third age" (ages 55-75), we are also seeing a new love affair with huge, multi-story, mega-houses (or "McMansions," as they are sometimes called). As family size is shrinking, the size of houses being built is exploding. Gone are the days when a very nice home used to fall somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet. Now, if you want to keep up with current standards, something around 4,000 square feet is considered the bare minimum. Bathrooms are now ...

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