Bringing the Text to Life

God-L-I-T-E Genesis 32:22-31

A "God-lite" religion does not address the realities of our lives. Only the true God will do that.

It might have been more fitting if, instead of dubbing the sensibilities and structures molding the emerging 21st century the "postmodern" age, this cultural milieu was tagged "modern-lite."

Anyone who has even set foot in a store in the last five years knows exactly what that means. What started out innocuously enough with a reduced calorie beer for confirmed couch potato athletes (Miller Lite) has mushroomed like a nuclear cloud over our entire culture. Lite menus are offered by virtually every restaurant. Lite music wafts airily from at least one radio station in every listening area. Liteaerobics offer not-so-light exercisers a more gentle, toned-down version of fitness. Lite imitations of all our old heavy favorites line the shelves at the grocery store - lite hot fudge sauce, lite potato chips, lite pizza, lite bacon and eggs.

The "lite" (inevitably given that cutesy spelling) label has been used on so many different types of products that it was recently hauled before the...

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