Bringing the Text to Life

Who Was That Masked Man? Acts 9:1-6 (7-20)

Who Was That Masked Man?

If we can't see Jesus, it's not because he's wearing a mask, but because we're wearing a blindfold

A favorite TV hero in the '50s was "The Lone Ranger." He was different from other TV cowboy heroes in many ways, not the least of which was his mask which concealed his true identity. The Lone Ranger, whose name in the television series was John Reid, was a member of a band of Texas Rangers led by his older brother that had been ambushed by the Cavendish gang. After mowing down this band of rangers, the Cavendish crowd thought all were dead; what they didn't know was that one of them, Reid, was barely alive.

A Native American named Tonto came upon Reid's bloody body and saved him. Ironically, John Reid and Tonto had first met years ago when they were both boys, when Reid had rescued Tonto from being killed.

They became friends and blood brothers -- by cutting hands and joining them together. The two boys vowed that from that day forth, they would remain blood brothers, no matter how much distance separated them.

After Tonto found Reid half-dead, he nursed him back to health. This...

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