Bringing the Text to Life

Stop Here or Else 1 Peter 1:17-23

God, who raised Jesus from the dead, can be trusted to raise the church from its almost moribund state. But we must dare to trust God.

Percy Ross writes a "Thanks a Million" newspaper column. Ross, now 75, wants to give away his millions before he dies. He receives 12,000 letters a week, and for 10 years has printed some of these in his syndicated column. Here's one he received a few years ago, postmarked Newark, NJ.:

Dear Mister Percy Ross:

You are so generous to help so many people. I am poor too but I get bye. I don't need money. I live under a bridge and it has a steam pipe under so I am warm in winter. There is a diner close bye and the dumster is always got food in that trukers don't eat. So I got every thing and don't need money. But I see you in the papers and I think if I was rich like you I will help people too. The other day I helped some buddy and he gave me $20. that is nice but there is some buddy that needs it more than I do I'm shure. $20 make me rich so I share and try to help you to do good. Please give this $20 to some buddy that realy need it.

Yours truly, Wilson Demarest

(Quoted in USA Today, ...

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