Bringing the Text to Life

The Devil's I Acts 5:27-32

In a world of Good Friday nightmares, it is time for Easter Dreams.

Martin Luther claimed that whenever and wherever God builds a church, the devil builds a chapel. As we've worked to build a world where human rights and dignity are respected, the devil has been working overtime constructing his perpendicular chapel. It's a chapel that has grown so large and tall that it has been able to take its choir on the road, a choir that happily sings the devil's siren song. This is the tune the devil loves to hear -- the discordant sound of a million voices all singing their own song -- no harmony, no melody, no chorus -- only a din of solos.

This "devil's song" has only one rule of composition: The first person singular is all there is. This is what we are calling "The Devil's I." There is no first person plural ("we") in the devil's chorus, no third person singular (she or he) to be concerned with, no third person plural (they) to consider. Everything and everyone is intently focused on "I," to the exclusion of all else.

Ulysses S. Grant once admitted, "I...

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