Bringing the Text to Life

Coffin Confusion John 20:1-18

Coffin Confusion

Those who want to make a final statement about life can now choose artsy,
personalized caskets to tell their story. So what's the significance of a tomb
that is echoing with emptiness?

What would you be caught dead in?

According to John's gospel, Jesus was caught dead wearing a linen wrapping, and earlier, a crown of thorns. The place picked for his final resting place was a cave on the property of Joseph of Arimathea.

Yet on that first Easter morning, it seems that the linen cloth has been shed. The tomb echoes with emptiness. As if Jesus had in effect told his disciples: "I wouldn't be caught dead in that tomb."

What would you be caught dead in?

We wouldn't be caught dead in a leisure suit or with a beehive hairdo. In a Nehru jacket and bell-bottoms. Generally speaking, anyone born during the Reagan presidency would not be caught dead wearing anything remotely connected to the 80s. And those who still know all the lyrics to "Blowing in the Wind" today would not be caught dead in bell-bottoms and paisley shirts. These are people for whom hell is having to wear what they were wearing in the 70s. Nor are you likely to see Grandpa wearing cargo pants which are...

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